Project dissemination will include a series of newsletters published frequently. All published newsletters can be found below.

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Write for CABARET Newsletter

The CABARET project provides an opportunity for people to share knowledge and experience. This newsletter is written by the CABARET membership for the CABARET membership, and also for other readers working with national and international NGOs, UN agencies, government and donor institutions, academics, and independent consultants. We, the Editors of CABARET newsletter, welcome contributions from CABARET partners and associate partners. We are also pleased to consider articles submitted by anyone involved in research capacity building within the context of disaster resilience among coastal communities.

If you have knowledge and experience to share, please consider making a contribution. The scope of contributions should be consistent with the aims of CABARET. Typically, we welcome contributions in the following categories (word counts are advisory):

  • News and reports from activities and events linked to the project (100 - 500 words)
  • Reports on developments in the field / projects that are being investigated by partners – these do not have to be activities directly linked 
    to the project, but should be relevant to project partner institutions (100 - 500 words)
  • Useful Resources – relevant publications, websites (up to 20 - 40 words)
  • Upcoming events (20 words)

If you have an idea for an article that you would like to develop, the Editors would be pleased to discuss it with you - send an email to Ms Kinkini Hemachandra (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) (The Editors reserve the right to edit any contribution)