Members from the University of Yangon conducted a study during May to August, 2019 to evaluate the coastal erosion related hazards in Daw Nyein area in Myanmar. This study aimed to propose a flood risk map of Daw Nyein area using remote sensing techniques coupled with field observations for strengthening community resilience to coastal hazards. The study area is located about 30 km SSW from the town of Pyapon, near the coastline of northern Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Mottama in the Pyapon Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region, Myanmar. Geospatial analysis and the DEM for simulation of flood risk mapping into various classes as the maximum five meters of height of water is considered for flood risk mapping. Using the evaluated flood risk map and DEM, the study made some suggestions and recommendations, such as the villages which should be evacuated as flooding increases, identifying the ideal evacuation points and routes for the peoples, and the vulnerability of the area based on an analysis using the Coastal Hazard Wheel (CHW) methodology.