Ms. Milvia van RIJ-BRIZZI, Head of Department, Department A- Erasumus+, EU Aid Volunteers and Ms. Anila Troshani Head of Sector, European Commission, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) visited University of Yangon on 28th November 2017 for monitoring 4 Erasmus+ projects belong to University of Yangon. Capacity Building in Asia for Resilience Education (CABARET) is one of these 4 Erasmus+ projects received participating University of Yangon. In the meeting, Rector of University of Yangon also presented and discussed on the strategy of the university to participate in Erasmus+, identified the management structures put on place and explained the implementation status for each project. Dr Aung Kyaw, Pro-Rector, University of Yangon and in charge of CABARET Project presented about the works done under the project.  In 29th November 2017, Dr Aung Kyaw presented the brief of CABARET Project in cluster meeting hosted by Erasmus+ in Royal Garden Hotel, Yangon City. Dr Aung Kyaw also participated in the information day of Erasmus as a representative of CABARET project participated in the panel discussion as a panelist and discussed about internationalization of university on 30th November 2017 at the same hotel.