The Symposium was held in UNESCO Headquarter in Paris-France on 12-14 February 2018 and addressed the following issues: (1) Bring emergency responders and users of tsunami warnings together with scientists and warning authorities to exchange information on requirements and possible solutions; (2) Review latest and potential new technologies and procedures for estimating tsunami threat and test their suitability and feasibility for providing more timely and accurate warnings; (3) Consider ways of estimating uncertainties associated with threat assessments and optimal ways of conveying to decision-makers; (4) Examine ways of utilizing enhanced tsunami threat information in making decisions with regards to emergency responses; (5) Provide information on the latest technologies for disseminating tsunami warning information to responders and communities; (6) Formulate roadmaps for developing and implementing new technologies, procedures and their application in enabling more effective and inclusive community responses to tsunami threats.

Dr Harkunti Rahayu was an invited speaker and delivered a presentation based on her team’s PEER Cycle 3 works in Padang City in 2015-2017. The title of her presentation is “Tsunami Education and Awareness in Community: How to Improve, For Enhancing Tsunami Warning and Community Responses” on Day 2. On Day 3, she presented her thought as panelist in panel discussion with her presentation was “How to Enhance Efficiency and Speed of Tsunami Warning Systems?”. During the symposium, a CABARET Poster was exhibited and presented on Day 2.