In December 15, 2017, a tsunamigenic earthquake occurred in South Java very near to the land at the time of 23:48 almost midnight with the magnitude of 6.9. The Ina TEWS issued the warnings. At the field, the strong shaking at the certain region has made people flee to evacuate immediately with panic. This event was a good opportunity for CABARET team in Indonesia to join a Participatory Review Team with other experts of IABI and National Institutions/Ministries related to warning system to review and discuss the event and performance of the end to end system of Ina TEWS. A series of discussion were conducted directly and via video-conference, including with the new DG of BMKG. They identified a need to improve the detecting and monitoring networks as well as the response of local government and the people at risk. These findings will inform future capacity building activities of the CABARET project.